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It was great to have a few productive hours in the studio today! This week I've been splitting my time between actual metalwork and de4aling with inquiries about different pieces.

Besides commission stuff, I got going on a set of 3 of my Trinket Rings with a Sun, Moon, Star theme. See, J had the idea that people might like themed sets of TRs, rather than just having them be a la carte. I'm rather tickled with the idea of doing several sets, each with a holiday theme. :) Naturally, the individual pieces would also be available individually as well- but if people are having a hard time envisioning what a few would look like together, this might help. Plus, I can discount them a bit when they're bought in sets of 3-5. :)

Any ideas on more-obscure holidays that could use a (conceptual) ring set? Like, Arbor Day (2 rings with stones, and one with a leaf motif).

I am really thrilled and delighted with Fabio (my splendid new rolling mill). I was forging down som pretty heavy rod today, and ran it through Fabio to smooth it up- and it's just PERFECT- and so easy to do!

I've also had a couple of ideas about how to make inserting the tapered bezel of a ring into the ring easier. See, with a cylendrical setting, I can tension-fit it so it stays put until soldered; with a tapered one, though- it goes "Ptui!" if I try that. So I need to put in some kind of brake where the setting hits the inside of the ring. I've thought of a few approaches...
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