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A successful gem show foray today! thanks in large part to a friend who accompanied us, and who spotted the wee sapphire melee I'd not seen. Score!

Now: this was what I wanted. However, the gem show is a hard trial for self-restraint in the face of "Oooo! Shiny!" and I admit I succumbed to temptation. There are some booths that I should simply never even look at if I have any means of purchasing whatsoever. :P They have gorgeous drusy, just for instance...

Probably my most interesting acquisition is a really lovely rounded triangle cab, opaque, with swirls in shades of blues and turquoises... with the unprepossessing name of "Swedish Slag"! Although the green mica- sort of what faerie malachite might look like- is also extremely nifty, and would look well with green sapphires or diamonds...

In any event, that was my fun for the day. Then into the studio and work on commissions, mostly, with a bit of time to finish another St. Brigid's Cross. I'm contemplating patinating this one, or the next I make; I think that could show off the detail nicely. I am also contemplating bronze.

Date: 2009-05-11 06:35 am (UTC)
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Hmh, green mica? sounds nice!


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